LTS LunchTimeSeries

Wintersemester 2019/20

  • Prof. Sarah de Rijcke
    Bend until it breaks? On interactions between research evaluation, research conduct, and science-society relations
    Bericht von Daniel Romanchenko
  • Prof. Arianna Vedaschi und Chiara Graziani
    Artificial Intelligence in the Age of Terrorism: A Tipping Point for Constitutional Law

    Bericht von Johannes Huber
  • Prof. Brice Laurent 
    European Objects: The troubled dreams of harmonization
    Bericht von Daniel Romanchenko

Sommersemester 2019

  • Dr. Jack Stilgoe
    How experiments become futures: Social learning for self-driving cars

    Bericht von Thomas Buocz
  • Prof. Sebastian Pfotenhauer
    Testing future Societies? Developing a framework for test beds and living labs as instruments of innovation governance

    Bericht von Melisa Krawielicki
  • Prof. Claudia Müller-Birn
    Bringing the Human back to the Centre of Algorithmic Systems Design.
    Challenges and Opportunities.

    Bericht von Johannes Huber

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