The DIGITAL LAW LEARNING LAB (dL3) was an interdisciplinary consortium designed to explore and realize innovative approaches to digital learning in the field of law. Envisioned as a lab for creative innovation in teaching, learning and thinking, dL3 brought together legal scholars, didacticians, instructional designers and digital technology experts. Such a cross-disciplinary and collaborative approach addressed the special challenges of teaching law to natural scientists, technicians, engineers and bio economists.

As part of the BOKU Institute of Law’s mission, dL3 highlights the socio-political relevance of law in real-life applications and ramifications of scientific discoveries and research. Students acquire the ability to understand legal structures; to communicate in an interdisciplinary manner; and to competently navigate a legally permeated world. Not only are these skills essential to anticipating and ultimately solving unforeseen problems in an ever complex world, they are also crucial in enabling students to effectively shape the reality they live in.

Finally, as a space of intersection, dL3 was motivated to foster an atmosphere of dynamic cross-pollination where in turn jurists are invited to critically reflect on the rapidly changing functions and modalities of law in their direct encounter with new science and technologies in the making.