The BOKU-VIBT Imaging-Center

Although, the world around us mainly percepted through eyes, we forget the fact that our eyes are like small cameras, living optical devices whose lenses, drawing pictures on the retina, obey to the same physical laws which describe the behaviour of a polished piece of glass, the collecting lens. There is no comparable discovery of humanity like the collecting lens. The immense outer space and the infinite small can be viewed by lenses. Only by means of lenses, Galilei brought us the boundless universe and, Leeuwenhoek discovered living creatures not bigger than a few microns. The polished glasses really meant a revolution to the relationship of humans and their environment. With microscope lenses, one can have a closer look to nature and observe details which are usually out of sight and hidden from our busy daily life. Are you interested in exploring the „small world”? You can visit the bioimaging core facility of our university in Muthgasse Campus. It offers two video microscopes, one of them dedicated to live cell imaging, the other one is designed for total internal reflection fluorescence microscopy, two confocal laser scanning microscopes, including a gated-STED super-resolution modul and a laser microdissection microscope. Beyond fluorescence microscopy, one can also use label-free imaging techniques, like Raman-microspectrometry and infrared microscopy. The facility is open to all scientists and aims to initiate cooperations even beyond the BOKU. Welcome are cooperations to test innovative ideas and develop new microscopic methods.