The specialised scientific field of torrent includes topics such as flood formation, sediment transport processes and the dynamic of debris flow in steep torrential watersheds. Emphasis is placed on the design of active and passive mitigation measures, as well as laboratory experiments and field studies dealing with the flow behaviour of gravitational mass movements and their numerical simulation.


tel.: (+43) 1 / 47654-87 111




Basic research:

  • Experimental determination of flow parameters (Rheology)
  • Experimental determination of influential factors for different processes
  • Sediment mobilisation and transportation processes
  • Behaviour of sediment deposition
  • Infrasound emissions of solid matter relocation processes

Applied research:

  • Evaluation and development of numerical and physical simulation models
  • Hazard analysis
  • Interactions between technical constructions and natural processes
  • Development of mitigation measures
  • Information systems
  • Ecological construction methods which facilitate the migration of aquatic fauna in the context of the European Water Framework Directive (WFD(2000/60/EC))
  • Climate change and chronicles
  • Event documentation und analysis
  • Hazards due to woody debris


  • Development of standards
  • Expert's reports
  • Design of technical mitigation measures
  • Hazard maps
  • Training
  • Consulting