Department of Economics and Social Sciences (WiSo)

  • Sustainable management...

    ... of scarce natural resources and environmental goods

  • Scientific analysis...

    ... of economic, political and social processes, as well as technological and social innovations

  • Bioeconomy...

    ... knowledge-based production and use of biological resources for a sustainable economy

  • Our courses...

    ... cover economic, social, political and legal sciences

  • Integration...

    ... of approaches from economic and social sciences with natural sciences and engineering

  • Understanding consumer behaviour...

    ... for satisfied customers and innovative products

Who we are

The department accommodates all economic, social, political and legal research and teaching activities at BOKU. We are a unique academic organisation in this field in Austria and internationally.

We synthesize economic, ecological, sociological and ethical aspects. Innovation, inter- and transdisciplinarity as well as internationality define our department culture.

The fields of research and teaching are:

  • Economics, policy and law of the agricultural, energy, food and forest sector, 
  • Sustainable development and societal transformation,
  • Management of biological resources and environmental policy and history,
  • Management strategies of biogenic value added chains,
  • Governance, rural development and agricultural sociology,
  • Optimisation and evaluation of managerial and economic processes in agriculture, forestry and the timber industry as well as in the environmental and food sector.
  • Social ecology and societal metabolism.

Management and Administration

Addresses & Contact

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