About BOKU

Mission and Vision

As one of Europe’s most important Life Science universities, we make vital contributions toward preserving, developing and protecting our environment and quality of life - both locally and globally, for today and future generations.


The BOKU is committed to sustainability principles in research, teaching, daily operations, in our organizational culture, and in working with and for society.


With our bioeconomy research focus, we face the Grand Challenges and contribute to the development of an economic system that ensures sustainable resources for a growing world population.

Areas of Expertise

The six fields of competence or scientific fields of work at BOKU are dealt with by the departments in a strongly interdisciplinary manner, but on a solid basic scientific basis.


Here you will find information about the university’s organizational structure - from university management to service points to BOKU organizations.


A journey through BOKU’s diverse history: from its founding in 1872 as an Imperial-Royal university of soil science to its present day as one of Europe’s leading Life Science universities.

Numbers, Dates, Facts

BOKU at a glance: here you will find current numbers, dates and facts.

Honoured Individuals

Here you will find all honorary doctorates, honorary ring bearers, honorary senators, honorary citizens and award recipients.