BOKUweb Relaunch

Welcome to the BOKUweb Relaunch website!

On these pages you will find the most important information about the ongoing BOKUweb Relaunch. This section will be continuously updated as the project progresses.

Current Situation

The BOKUweb has grown organically and urgently needs a fundamental, complete relaunch (technical, content-structural, and visual). As BOKU is currently undergoing a strategic re-branding process, now is the ideal time to completely modernise both our website (external appearance) and our intranet (limited access area).

The project is to be realised with a suitable partner who will support us primarily in the conception, web design and technical implementation. Due to the scope of the undertaking, its complexity, and to ensure an effective comparison of bids, the BOKUweb Relaunch project will be put out to tender in a two-stage negotiated procedure with prior Europe-wide publication.

The procurement procedure was initiated on 19 March 2024 and will be carried out exclusively electronically on the procurement platform


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