New solutions in the building industry are required to counteract the steadily increasing consumption of natural resources and the increasing environmental pollution. One approach is to enlarge the application area of concrete by using textile reinforcement. Textile reinforcement is very rangy and non-corrosive and allows therefore a crucial reduction of the concrete cover. Thus, concrete structures with smaller thicknesses can be realized. If the planning architect and the civil engineer work together in an interdisciplinary team to design lightweight structures, a big amount of natural resources can be saved. With this concept Martin Ritt and Prof. Benjamin Kromoser won the competition for the new design of the barbecue furniture for Vienna’s Danube Island with the project “Donauwelle”. The competition was organized by the City administration of Vienna (MA45) and the Austrian cement industry association (VÖZ). Now the barbecue furniture was already realized over 15 times on and around the area of Vienna’s Daube Island.




2016 Journal article

** Kromoser, B; Ritt, M Optimized shapes for textile reinforced concrete structures - design of the barbecue furniture "Donauwelle". BAUINGENIEUR-GERMANY. 2016; 91: 425-433. WoS

2015 Article in conference proceedings

Kromoser, B.: (2015): Thin-walled textile concrete furniture .
[The 11th Central European Concress on Concrete Engineering, Hainburg, 1.10. - 2.10.2015]