We offer analytical services in terms of method development and application utilizing the equipment of the BOKU CFMS as well the equipment of our institute.

Elemental ultra-trace analysis

Multi-elemental trace- and ultra-trace analysis with ICP-MS in environmental, biological/medical and food samples.

Elemental speciation analysis

With the help of chromatographic methods (HPLC, IC, µ-HPLC, CE, GC) it is possible to assess elemental speciation using ICP-MS for selective and sensitive detection. We develop methods for assessment of metal-biomolecule interactions as well as for speciation of elements as e.g. As, Cr, Se, etc.

Isotope ratio analysis

We offer (multi-collector) ICP-MS based methods for isotope ratio analysis in the context of food authentication. Multi-collector ICP-MS work is performed in cooperation with the BOKU CFMS.

Molecular mass spectrometry

Method development and application is performed in cooperation with the BOKU CFMS.