Glycochemistry and Innate immunity

Glycan-based biomolecules for Immunobiology

Our main research interests are in glycochemistry and glycoimmunology (synthesis of carbohydrate-based biomolecules, glycoconjugates, immunomodulatory glycolipids and various pathogen-associated molecular patterns, as well as carbohydrate vaccines and vaccine adjuvants) to study the host immune response to infection and inflammation.

We are also focusing on the development of unnatural glycan-based biomolecules as tools for investigating the structural and molecular basis of pathogen recognition by the host innate immune receptors.


Assoc. Professor Alla Zamyatina

Monti Alessandro MSc. (PhD candidate)

Sarkar Biswajit, MSc. (PostDoc)

Strobl Sebastian, MSc. (PhD candidate)

Vangala Madhuri, MSc. Ph.D. (PostDoc)

Vasícek Tomás, MSc. (PhD candidate)

Zucchetta Daniele, MSc (PhD candidate)

Prasad Kameshwar, MSc. (Scientist)

Grasi Tomas, Ing. (Technician)