The Institute of Wildlife Biology and Game Management (IWJ) at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU) is analyzing the ecology and management of wildlife and its habitats. Focal species predominantly include mammals and birds that are relevant to the interests of diverse stakeholder groups (e.g., hunting, fisheries, nature conservation, tourism, agriculture, forestry, water management, and land use planning).  Species that are hunted, endangered or protected, invasive, or recovering can generate conflicts between stakeholder groups and are of intense focus at IWJ. Besides research groups focused on basic questions about habitat choice, feeding ecology, and population dynamics, the institute includes applied research groups employ methodologies directly relevant to practitioners, including developing monitoring concepts, decision support systems, and management plans for sustainable hunting and prevention of damage caused by wildlife. In the field of teachings, IWJ coordinates the Master Program “Wildlife Ecology and Wildlife Management” and the post-graduate study "Game Manager". Moreover, students can achieve various certifications which are accepted to get the hunting licence in Austria. Fields of research and lectures of IWJ provide an attractive offer to  students from various universities from Austria and abroad, and are the basis for numerous inter- and transdisciplinary collaborations, both national and international.