• Cereal science

  • Bakery products

The focus area Functionality of plant based ingredients is related to the investigation of properties, effects, and interactions occurring during the processing of plant raw materials and plant based ingredients with a special emphasis on cereal science and baking technology.  This involves:

  • Insights into a broad variety of interesting cereal species such as millet, sorghum, oat or coloured barley, wheat, maize and rice species, as well as pseudocereals like amaranth, quinoa and buckwheat
  • Concepts for the integration of a wider range of (plant) raw materials within human nutrition that is not only interesting from a health perspective but also related to an increased biodiversity in food that enhances the resilience towards the effects of climate change
  • Analysis of plant based ingredients
  • Investigation of quality determining parameters of the raw material and processes on bakery end-products and development of valuable, gluten-free product