General information

The intention of the IFA-Tulln is to serve as an interface between scientific research and practical application. The primary mission of the institute is the transfer of latest scientific results into practice for the strengthening of national trade and industry. In this spirit, the Working Group Water/Wastewater within the division of Environmental Biotechnology is concerned with the development and optimization of new processes and innovative technological approaches.

The working group is headed by a.o. Univ. Prof. DI Dr. Werner Fuchs. The projects conducted are mainly industry co-operations under the support from national and international funds. The activities are characterized by its international orientation. Project partners involved are originating from the European Union member states as well as China, Latin American and North African countries.

Development of innovative processes which is primarily carried out in collaboration with engineering companies is a major working field. Other services offered are: the support with practical solutions to actually arising problems, the accomplishment of studies and expert reports in the area of water and wastewater treatment

The possibility to conduct extensive laboratory tests on the one hand and process optimization in the half-technical and pilot scale on the other hand is a key expertise of the workgroup. A special focus of the research.

Current projects

Completed projects