International Days - Find out more about the English and International Programmes Offered at BOKU!

We would like to invite you to the presentations of the English and International Master Programmes and the Euroleague for Life Sciences at BOKU during the International Days of 14th-15th May 2019!

Study fields Agricultural Sciences, Viticulture and Oenology, Forestry, Wood and Fibre Technology:

When: 14th May 2019, from 16:15

Where: Schwackhöferhaus, SR 06


ASK A QUESTION! - Contact Coordinators at University of Eastern Finland!

Choosing a graduate programme is an important undertaking and you may have questions that are not answered by the information provided on these webpages. If you do have a question, please contact us and Marjoriitta Möttönen will respond as quickly as possible.

E-Mail: secretariat(at)

MSc European Forestry secretariat

University of Eastern Finland
School of Forest Sciences
P.O. Box 111, 80101 Joensuu

Study programme website at University of Eastern Finland

Study programme website at BOKU

Study Programme Coordinator at BOKU:

Prof. Harald Vacik

University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU)
Insitute of Silviculture
Peter Jordan Strasse 82
1190 Vienna

E-Mail: harald.vacik(at)
Tel.: (+43) 1 / 47654-91312