• Understanding the behavior of materials

    Materials Science at macro-, micro- and nanoscale

Our mission

The Institute of Physics and Materials Science focuses on the study of micro- and nanostructure of materials and their influence on the physical and mechanical properties. Our aim is the fundamental understanding of biological, bio-inspired and technical materials and utilization of this knowledge in co-operations with partners from industry and research organizations in national context and abroad.

In our teaching we provide introduction into fundamentals of physics and natural sciences and profession-relevant knowledge about materials. We also continously aim at stimulating the students' interest in natural science research.

Postgraduate Research Associate / Doctoral student Project employment “Why do Schwann cells like spider silk?”

We are looking for a doctoral student to perform their thesis research in the framework of the BOKU Doctoral School “Biomaterials and Biointerfaces”. The position is funded by the FWF project “Why do Schwann cells like spider silk?”

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