Master thesis projects

There is always an opportunity!

The Institute of Colloid and Biointerface Science is always welcoming new students who would like to pursue a bachelor or master thesis within the research areas covered by us. We therefore encourage you to approach directly the senior researchers in the laboratory to discuss your interests:

We can often create a new topic together with you that takes your particular interests and background into account, to combine it in an optimal way with our research.


Project examples:

Project/Thesis work with Stratec Salzburg

We have a collaboration with Stratec (previously SONY DADC) in Salzburg to provide thesis projects and summer internships for students interested in e.g. development of biosensor surface modifications and other aspects of development of biotechnology consumables. Advertisement

Bachelor thesis

We continuously supervise bachelor thesis projects. The same areas as for master theses are generally available but adapted to shorter and more focused tasks. Please contact the respective supervisor directly.