Innovation Award

Congratulations, Christoph Eilenberger!

The third prize went to Christoph Eilenberger (working group of Professor Ehmoser), from the Institute of Synthetic Bioarchitectures at the Department of Nanobiotechnology, for his project "Nano-Bio Surface for the Production of Organoids". Three-dimensional organoids generated from stem cells can be used in diverse areas of drug research, including regenerative and personalized medicine, as well as stem cell research. The production of such organoids typically takes place in 3D bio-reactors. Mr. Eilenberger has developed a nano-surface that consists of self-organizing protein trimers (S-layer proteins) that can serve as a novel surface coating for these reactors. S-layer proteins can potentially be used in areas as wide-ranging as the biotech and pharmaceutical industries, research institutions, as well as in hospitals and diagnostic centers.