Here, you will find the equipment and expertise at the Institute for Synthetic Bioarchitectures: 

Analytical Expertise  Type User
Flow cytometry  BD Bioscience FACS Canto II  Darren Tan
Gel documentation  BIO-VISION-3026WL/26MX     Eva-Kathrin Ehmoser
High performance liquid chromatography  ThermofisherDionex HPLC U3000  Sonja Zayni
Ion-exchange chromatography  ThermofisherDionex IC3000  Sonja Zayni
Microplate spectrometry and spectrophotometry  Tecan  Darren Tan
Quartz crystal microbalance w. dissipation monitoring   QSense E4    Bernhard Schuster
Surface plasmon resonance     BIACORE Eva-Kathrin Ehmoser
Surface plasmon-enhanced fluorescence spectroscopy  Custom-built     Eva-Kathrin Ehmoser
Patch Clamp System

Electrochemical Workstation

Langmuir Blodgett Trough
Nanion Port-a-Patch

CH Instruments

NIMA 611
Bernhard Schuster

Bernhard Schuster

Bernhard Schuster

Preparative Expertise


Electroformation for giant unilamellar vesicles  Nanion Vesicle Prep Pro Darren Tan