Video library

Here you can find videos that illustrate our work at IDR.

Student testimonials on the course Gender, Food Systems and Natural Resources

Bangka Island - Rehabilitating Soil (Indonesia, 2019)

Sustainable Management of Water and Fish Resources (Burkina Faso, 2018)

What do we need to promote change in agricultural practice? (2018)

Elements of a multi-stakeholder learning process (2017)

How to start a multi-stakeholder learning process (2017)

Negotiating Change (2015): Simulating a Conference for Sustainable Development

Partisipasi Petani dalam Perbaikan Kondisi Tanah di Pulau Bangka (2020)

Soil Health Training in Mozambique (2018)

Treinamento em Saúde do Solo em Moçambique (2018)

Indonesia: of Rice and Water (Indonesia, 2017)

Implementing the SDGs in Austria: Transform or Perish? (2016)

The SUSFISH Project on TV (Burkina Faso, 2014)