At the Division of Organic Farming we have three active working groups. To learn more about each working groups’ team, projects, research interests, topics for master thesis projects and much more, please read the specific working group homepages.

The Soil Fertility and Cropping Systems working group is engaged in research concerning the system of ‘soil and plants’. They do so within a specific environment with the goal to support plant productivity and quality in organic farming at a higher level through sustainable and environmentally friendly ways. / Homepage

The Knowledge Systems and Innovation working group examines the communication of knowledge between stakeholders in organic farming, their values and beliefs, as well as their innovations and innovation processes. From our findings, contributions to the further development and application of organic farming are studied. / Homepage

The Transdisciplinary Systems Research working group he role and future of the organic agro-food movement in modern and post-modern society with the goal of contributing to the development of an international sociology of organic agro-food systems as well as to spur impetus for innovative research and societal change. Furthermore we are engaged in subtropical and tropical agriculture including farming, agroforestry systems development (e.g. organic matter management), agrofood value chains, linking women to markets, biodiversity,  climate change / Homepage