About us

As part of the Department of Sustainable Agricultural Systems at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna, the Division of Agricultural Engineering is engaged in research and teaching. Our objective is to develop innovation based on the sustainability by means of inclusion of “high-tech” agricultural methods. Our young and interdisciplinary team transfers the scientific competence in cooperation with industry, counseling and practical experience. In times of climate change and constantly diminishing resources worldwide the sustainable use of natural material and energy cycles for the production of food, animal feed, energy and raw materials with a high profitability is of special importance. This is why we analyze and evaluate newly developed methods, machinery, equipment and constructions for various areas of applications. Our results should serve as solid basis for planning processes. The Division of Agricultural Engineering is committed to locally adapted and efficient agricultural engineering. We develop innovative production methods which promote ecologically, socially and economically balanced technologies. We wish to contribute to shaping agricultural engineering in the interest of humans, the environment and future generations. Folder


Our Areas of Work are:

  • Agricultural process engineering
  • Agro-mechatronics and energy
  • Bioenergy and Environmental technology
  • Industrial sciences
  • Systems technology and technology assessment

Infrastructure and Equipment

The Division of Agricultural Engineering carries out its research and teaching at three locations in Eastern Austria which are concerned with various different fields of work and equipment: Wien: physical laboratory, exhibits for teaching, IT & simulation Groß-Enzersdorf: mechanical workshop, electronic workshop, field tests Tulln: chemical laboratory, biogas laboratory, biomass laboratory