The Working Group Animal Husbandry focuses on farm animal welfare and health improvement with the aim to contribute to sustainable agricultural and food production systems.

Research topics are:

  • On-farm welfare assessment
  • Welfare indicators and welfare improvements in ruminants and pigs 
  • Herd health management through herd health and welfare plans
  • Fate of veterinary drugs in the environment

Here we are ...

Animal Husbandry working group June 2017
(back f.l.t.r.): D. Kottik, C. Winckler, A. Bajraktarevic, V. Größbacher, S. Hintze,
J. Schenkenfelder, K. Schodl;
(front f.l.t.r.): S. Müllner, T. Leeb, R. Heigl, L. Tremetsberger, G. Franchi;