Brief Description

Here you can find useful information related to traveling on university business.

Traveling for business is defined as a member of staff undertaking a trip in order to execute an official duty, which means that the journey was explicitly requested.

The University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna is subject to the Travel Expenses Regulation of 1955 in its up to date version. In 2004 an employment agreement regulated that this Travel Expenses Regulation is valid for all staff member at BOKU. The additional expenses that accumulate during a business trip, in comparison to the costs that would also accrue at the place of employment, have to be compensated.

BOKU staff is obliged to consider the most cost-efficient and - based on the mission statement of BOKU - also the most ecologically-friendly alternative. Possible discounts (on ticket prices for example) should be used.

According to § 64 par. 1 of the Collective Agreement for Employees at Universities, claims must be asserted within six months after the completion of the business trip by providing the invoices to the university. Otherwise such entitlements shall be excluded.