Rosana Kral, Mag.rer.nat. Dr.

wiss. Projektmitarbeiter/in
H93400 Institute for Development Research

+43 1 47654-93412
Additional information
After my postdoc, I went from cell signalling & biochemistry to signal transduction between humans in knowledge sharing. In 2015, I joined CDR & have since been involved in development research & science communication projects in Mozambique, Indonesia & Austria. I am interested in linking different stakeholders for a common goal, more sustainable natural resource use. As soil, naturally fascinating to a chemist, is the base of our food production, I work with soil scientist to rehabilitate soil with smallholders. To me, transdisciplinary & partner-like approaches are key. I consider the Great Divide between natural & social scientists a waste of time & resources. When not setting up a field site & filming our efforts, I study anthropology.