About us

A large number of institutes and working groups at BOKU conduct Data Science in research and teaching.
Data Science @ BOKU is a cross-institutional and cross-departmental platform that aims to improve internal networking. Through increased exchange and communication between working groups and researchers at BOKU, initiatives and activities are initiated to discuss Data Science topics such as programming, Big Data, High Performance Computing, efficient use of computer clusters, machine learning and the like, and to exploit possible synergies.

Coordination: Dr. Ursula Laa, Dr. Theresa Scharl-Hirsch (both Institute of Statistics).

The coordination team can be reached at: data.science(at)boku.ac.at


Mailing list data.science-info

A mailing list has been established for announcements related to Data Science.

All members / subscribers of the list can send to this mailing list.
Subscribing is only possible with a BOKU email address.

To subscribe to the mailing list please send an email
with the subject: subscribe data.science-info
to the list server: sympa@list.boku.ac.at

To unsubscribe from the list please send a mail
with the subject: unubscribe data.science-info
to the listserver: sympa@list.boku.ac.at

Note: Messages to the list always reach all subscribers. 
If you need assistance in using the mailing list, please contact the coordination team at: data.science(at)boku.ac.at


Discussion forums on various Data Science topics can be found in this Moodle course: