Payment of tuition and student union fees Students can only be enrolled or reenrolled once their prescribed tuition/student union fee has been paid in full and on time. 
If only the student union fee is required, it also has to be paid in full including the insurance contribution. Tuition/student union fees must be paid within the enrolment period for the respective semester, not before or after.  If you submit your payment too soon, we won't be able to process it accordingly. We recommend making your payment as soon as possible following the beginning of the enrolment period to ensure that you are enrolled in time for the new semester. If you are paying your fee at another university, you are responsible for registering your ongoing studies at BOKU, otherwise your enrolment will expire!  You have to pay your fee to the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences even if you’ve already paid it at another institution (the student union will refund your student union fee).

Option 1: Payment by debit card Payment by debit card has the following advantage: your payment will immediately be credited to your student account and you will be immediately be enrolled once payment has been received. You can print your student record from BOKUonline immediately following payment. For your information: your semester payment information is not relevant for this type of payment as payment is directly credited to your student account! BOKUonline

Continuation of studies here If you are a returning student, your payment has to be made every semester during the enrolment period.

If you’ve already paid your student union fee at another university, you have to register the continuation of your studies with the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences.  You will not be automatically registered. If you forget to register the continuation of your studies, your enrolment will expire.

Your payment must be made within the designated enrolment period! You can check the status of your payment and enrolment at BOKUonline under “tuition fee status.”


What are my payment options? You have three payment options:

  1. Payment by debit card
  2. Payment with payment information
  3. Payment via online banking

Payment must be made within the enrolment period.  Cash payments cannot be made at study services! 


Option 2: with payment information The payment information is available in student services. The semester payment information on the payment information is important for correctly assigning payments made to the respective student. Fees may apply to international bank transfers!  Under certain circumstances, these fees are deducted from the payment due with the result that the correct amount for the tuition/student union fee is not transferred  and the student is not reenrolled.  Please use the following IBAN and BIC code for international transfers:

  • IBAN: AT953200097700977991

Option 3: online banking You can make your payment online using online banking. You will need your account information,  which can be found on the payment slip or at BOKUonline under “tuition fee status.” Your 12-digit semester payment information for the respective semester has to be entered into the field “payment reference.” Please only enter your semester payment data in this field and no additional text (e.g. summer/winter semester, tuition fee etc.). This additional information is not required, delays processing of the payment and creates additional costs! When the semester payment information given is incorrect, payment cannot be assigned to the respective student. We recommend  checking the code once you have entered it or copying it directly from BOKUonline! Please don’t save semester payment information as it changes every semester!

How long does it take for my tuition fee to be registered as paid? Receipt of payment can take up to 7 days due to organizational processes (exception:  debit payment). Once payment has been received, payment information will be sent via email.  You can also view payment status at BOKUonline.

Incorrect payments As of summer semester 2016, incorrect payments will in most cases be returned to the transferring bank.  Please make your payment again correctly and before the end of the enrolment period!