Waste Management at the BOKU University

Climate change, water pollution, and soil contamination cause global and local variations to the environment. It is our responsibility to deal carefully and economically with available resources. To predict hazards that endanger the anthroposphere requires modern and innovative tools, and prevention implies the employment of ecologically sustainable and effective measures.

Within the scope of the BOKU - areas of competence Soil - Ecosystems and Water - Climate - Environment, the Institute of Waste Management generates innovative programs, methods, and procedures for

  • closing of natural and anthropogenic cycles
  • proper low-emission treatment of waste materials
  • monitoring and remediation of environmental damages
  • sustainable integration of ultimately landfilled waste materials in the cultural landscape

We are geared towards natural processes. Understanding of the natural scientific background advances our expertise in the field of application.

Lectures concentrate on communication of the appropriate use of both resources and products and of the critical analysis of political targets in waste management, with particular reference to their ecological and economical effects.

The manifold network of competences available at the BOKU - University provides a wide possibility of partnership, unique in Austria.