• Flood risk

    Automated recognition of buildings in orthophotos

  • Alpine Hydrology

    Research site Zugspitze

  • Remote sensing

    Measure surface temperature by UAV and thermal camera to estimate evapotranspiration

  • Innovative monitoring

    DTS (Distributed Temperature Sensing)

  • Hydrometry

    Forest hydrology research site Rosalia

HyWa - Mission

Research at the Institute of Hydrology and Water Management (HyWa) aims to quantify and predict water, energy and solute transport processes within hydrological catchments at different spatial scales. A major focus lies on the elements of the hydraulic cycle including precipitation, interception, evapotranspiration, infiltration and runoff generation as well as water storage in lakes/reservoirs and snow cover. The interplay between process understanding, measurement and model development allows the development of efficient water resources management strategies in collaboration with relevant stakeholders from ministries, governmental organizations and industry. Currently, HyWa is involved in e.g. low flow and flood risk management strategies, runoff prediction for hydropower management systems, nutrient transport from catchments under global change conditions, or water management for tourism and snow production.

Management and Administration

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