MSc. Xuan Kang is an exchange PhD candidate from China University of Geosciences, Wuhan. She works on geo-hazards, especially stability analysis of landslides in the Three Gorges Region, China. She also has experience in laboratory testing of soil from landslide shear zone.

Xichun Jia is a PhD student from the School of Water Conservancy and Civil Engineering, South China Agricultural University. She will be studying at IGT from January 2020 to January 2021. Her research direction is explicit smoothed particle finite element method for geotechnical applications.

Rugeyya Aldim graduated at the Civil Engineering Department, Karadeniz Technical University, Turkey, and came to IGT to complete an internship for 3 months. She started her undergraduate thesis at the Instituto Politecnico de Castelo Branco in Portugal last year, and performed research and experiments on improvement of clay soils with plastic waste. At her home university she continued her research and conducted experiments on the improvement of clay soils using glass powder. In her thesis studies, she had the chance to learn how to do the CBR test, Standard and Modified Compaction test, Unconfined Compressive test and basic experiments used to determine soil properties.

Wei Zhang is a visiting scholar at IGT. He obtained his PHD in June 2010 at Wuhan University. He is now an associate professor at South China Agricultural University. His main research field is numerical methods and their applications in geomechanics.

Ling Zhan joined the Geotechnical Research Group at IGT as a visiting PhD student in Aug 2019. Ling Zhan obtained his Bachelor degree in 2016 from Tsinghua University, China. His PhD work focuses on numerical simulation of granular flow and the interaction between granular flow and structures.

I am Zhi Li (Allen), an exchange student from HKUST under supervision of Prof. Charles W. W. Ng. My research interest is debris flow mitigation. I am really thankful that BOKU provides me the opportunity to join the research group lead by Prof. Wu Wei. I believe that studying at BOKU is a good way for me to be passionate about and achieve a deeper understanding of my research field. I hope that through my research I can make a worldwide contribution to preventing debris flow by creating more knowledge about it.