Exploring the World of Robot Accuracy Mapping

Robots are precision machines, and understanding their accuracy is crucial. Especially when machining larger wood parts or even stacks of work pieces knowing the machining accuracy within the workspace is of major importance.

We are creating a digital "treasure map" for our ABB IRB 7600 when machining wooden work pieces placed within 50 different positions in the work space.

Why It Matters: Robot accuracy mapping isn't just about perfectionism. It's about efficiency, safety, and innovation. Knowing the machining accuracy unlocks doors to new production possibilities.

Sensors: Using a Leica Absolute Tracker we were able to precisely transform the machining trajectories coordinates to the various work piece positions. ABBs Signal Analysis was used to trace the robot axes and tool centre point positions. Measuring the specimens will also be conducted using the Leica Absolute Tracker and Absolute Scanner.