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Agricultural Economics (AOE)

Agricultural Engineering (LTE)

Agriculture in general, Agricultural Science (LFW)

Biology in general (BIO)

Biotechnology, Applied Biochemistry (BTE)

Botany (BOT)

Chemistry (CHE)

Construction, Architecture (BAU)

Data Processing, Computer Science and Cybernetics (DAT)

Economics (WIR)

Ecotrophology (OEK)

Energy Technology, Energy Industries (ENE)

Engineering, Technology (TEC)

Environmental Issues in general (UMW)

Environmental Pollution, Pollution Control (BEL)

Food and Food Technology (LEB)

Forestry, Forest Sciences, Forest Technology (FOR)

Genetics, Gene Technology (GEN)

Geography, Ethnology, Art (GEK)

Geosciences (GEO)

Geotechnics, Transportation (GTE)

Hydraulic Engineering, Water Ressource Management (WAS)

Humanities and Social Sciences (SOP)

Hunting (JAG)

Industries, Technical Chemistry (IND)

Information and Communications (INF)

Law (JUR)

Lifestock Sciences, Lifestock Farming, Pets (NTI)

Mathematics, Operations Research, Statistics (MAT)

Meteorology, Climatology, Geophysics (MET)

Natural Landscape and Species Conservation, Animal Welfare (NAS)

Natural Sciences in general (NAT)

Physics, Astronomy (PHY)

Plant Production, Plant Protection, Crops (PFL)

Science in general (WIS)

Spatial Planing, Landscape Planing, Landscape Architecture, Greening (RAU)

Surveying, Cartography (VER)

Veterinäry Medicine (VET)

Waste and Wastewater Technology, Waste and Wastewater Management (ABF)

Wood Research, Wood Industry (HOL)

Zoology (ZOO)