BOKU:ePub is an Open Access platform for electronic publications and digitalised media. As of now there are the following collections: BOKU’s Open Access publications, available electronic theses of BOKU, the digitalised schedule of lectures of BOKU for the years 1872 to 2005, the digitalised card catalogue of the library (covering literature bought up to 1931) and the journal “BOKU magazine”. There are different search options, e.g. searching for a specific BOKU-Institute. The aim of BOKU:ePub is to serve as a repository. The necessary steps are analysed and implemented at the moment. The main advantages of the platform are:

  • Scientific publications and theses by BOKU staff and students are accessible online through BOKU:ePub.
  • Electronic publications (like Open Access books and journals, preprints/postprints or theses) of BOKU become more visible worldwide.
  • Repositories enable scientists to publish their project-related publications Open Access.
  • There is a quality control for the bibliographic, technical and administrative data.
  • All items in BOKU:ePub have a URN (Uniform Resource Name) and therefore an unique and persistent identification.
  • Manifold search functions (simple, extended search and search according to a classification) and display formats are available.

Access to BOKU:ePub

The BOKU:ePub platform is still in development. The content growth is ongoing. At the moment more than 1,500 theses are available in fulltext, dissertations will follow shortly.
In case of questions please contact