VU 180.003 "Literature research and information literacy - Key skills for scientific working"
(2.0 ECTS, Blended Learning-course, winter and summer semester, course-language: English)
  The University library offers a blended learning course with the title "Literature research and information literacy - Key qualifications for study and profession". The main aim of the course is to enhance information literacy/competency. The course will be provided as a blended learning course via the e-learning platform BOKUlearn. In addition there will be four face to face meetings throughout the semester to offer the possibility of knowledge exchange and to answer questions/do exercises. This course is offered in English language.

Further information on the German courses (course numbers 180.001 and 180.002) can be found HERE.
Registering for the course: via BOKUonline
For further information please have a look at the course details in BOKUonline.