Die Bodenkultur - the journal

The scientific journal “Die   Bodenkultur:   Journal   for   Land   Management,   Food   and Environment” was established in 1949 and is published by the University  of  Natural  Resources  and  Life  Sciences,  Vienna (BOKU)  and  the Austrian Agency  for  Health  and  Food  Safety (AGES).  Chief Editors are Rector Prof. Dr. Martin H. Gerzabek (BOKU) und DDr. Alois Leidwein (AGES). Managing Editors are Docent Dr. Reinhard Neugschwandtner (BOKU) and Dr. Andreas Baumgarten (AGES).

The scope of the journal ranges from land management, food to environment. The journal is published quarterly and publishes original full-length articles and non-research  papers such as editorial  notes,  news, obituaries, book reviews, short communications and  commentaries.

Papers are published mainly in English but also in German (with titles and abstracts in the respective other language as well).

Contact person is Docent Dr. Reinhard Neugschwandtner from the Department of Crop Sciences: +43 1 47654-95117, reinhard.neugschwandtner(at)boku.ac.at