Die Bodenkultur - Volume 51 / issue 4

W. Holzner and M. Kriechbaum:

Pastures in South and Central Tibet (China)

I. Methods for a rapid assessment of pasture conditions

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R. Jandl, H. Anglberger, M. Reh und E. Halmschlager:

Effect of fertilization of a secondary spruce stand in the Kobernaußerwald with shoot blight symptoms

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A. P. Loibner, M. Holzer, M. Gartner, O. H. J. Szolar and R. Braun:

The Use of Sequential Supercritical Fluid Extraction for Bioavailability Investigations of PAH in Soil

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R. Margesin und F. Schinner:

Toxicity and biodegradability of a soil conditioner

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A. Schulte and S. Sah:

Historic Shift towards Silviculture by People in Asia

A Review and Country Case Studies on Community based Forest Management from Nepal, the Philippines and Indonesia

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M. K. Shukla, F. J. Kastanek and D. R Nielsen:

Transport of Chloride through Water-Saturated Soil Columns

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R. Steinwender, L. Gruber, A. Schauer, T. Guggenberger, J. Häusler und M. Sobotik:

Comparison of organic and conventional farming on a grassland farm

1st Communication: Grassland yield, forage feed value, amount of slurry

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A. Stutzer:

Towards free trade for agricultural goods - The allocation of tariff rate quotas using an average tariff procedure

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