Die Bodenkultur - Journal for Land Management, Food and Environment

C. Fogarassy:

Rationalisation of production structure of arable land energy-crops in Hungary


Programs on energy crop production, which are quite current in the present days in Hungary, in most cases are lack of profound professional investigations. The authentic way of energy crop production and the real results hidden in the new technologies can only be realised by the results of extensive and far consequent investigations. In the past few years- in connection with the structural transformation of the Hungarian agriculture - such kind of exaggerated ideas had been drafted among the experts of Hungarian agricultural policy which had not been proved professionally. By the data of the present study we would like to give a briefsurvey of the land potential given by the Hungarian agroecologic endowments for plough-land energy crop production. During the programme we had been examining 22 plough-land crops and we had put them into different energy crop cathegories like oil-crops, alcohol-crops, biomass crops. We had created optimal crop-structure for such crops which are the most suitable for energetic production and we had adviced to use them on special habitats. Keywords: energy crops, Fuzzy Logic, optimising habitats, crop-rotations.