Die Bodenkultur - Journal for Land Management, Food and Environment

J. Štefanić, E. Štefanić and R. Haas:

What the customers really want: organic food market in Croatia?


Organic farming in the Republic of Croatia has marginal importance for national agriculture. The objective of this investigation was to find out more about local market for organic food. There are five main parts of the investigation: customers attitude towards organic food, facts about the existing market, information important to make purchase decision, price expectations for noncertified and certified organic food, and the importance of export for the success of the project. A market survey was conducted in the City of Osijekduring the summer of 1999. The investigation confirmed that consumers are willing to buy organically grown agricultural produce. Analysis shows that certification of products is an important factor for pricing. Key words: organic farming startup, marketing for organic produce, Croatia.