Die Bodenkultur - Journal for Land Management, Food and Environment

L. Veterány and S. Hluchý:

The influence of ultrasound on chicken hatching


In the work the influence of synthetic ultrasound on the hatching of the Rhode Island Red breed of chicken was investigated. The embryos from the control groups were not ultrasound stimulated during the incubation. In the experiment embryos were, from the first hour of incubation, stimulated by ultrasound generated by the transducer oscillating at the frequency of 30 kHz and the power of 60 W. The pathological influence of ultrasound was demonstrated especially on the embryos with highly developed alantochorionic blood circulation. We suppose that after the violation of allantoid vessels the intensity of oxidation processes decreased and caused that in most of embryos carbon dioxide was accumulated, resulting in the decrease of their blood pH which consequently influenced the sex differentiation in control groups in favour of males. Key words: ultrasound, hatching, sex, chicken.