Die Bodenkultur - Volume 54 / issue 1

K. C. Paudel, K. Pieber, R. Klumpp and M. Laimer:

Evaluation of Lapsi tree (Choerospondias axillaris, Roxb.) for fruit production in Nepal

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Th. Lindenthal, H. Spiegel, M. Mazorek, J. Heß, B. Freyer and A. Köchl:

Results of three long-term P-field experiments in Austria

2nd Report: Effects of different types and quantities of P-fertiliser on P-uptake and P-balances

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M. Dachler and A. Köchl:

Effects of long-term crop rotations, preceding crops, N-fertilization and crop residue incorporation on yield and protein content of winter wheat and following spring barley

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J. H. Czembor and L. Frese:

Powdery mildew resistance in selections from barley landraces collected from Turkey

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A. Adler, H. Lew, J. Moudry, Z. Sterba, K. Vratilova, W. Edinger, W. Brodacz and E. Kiendler:

Microbiological and mycotoxicological quality parameters of naked and covered oats with regard to the production of bran and flakes

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A. Steinwidder and T. Guggenberger:

Investigations on feed intake and nutrient supply of dairy cows as well as nutrient balance studies on farms in grassland regions of Austria

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