Die Bodenkultur - Volume 54 / issue 4

K. Kostecki, M. Stemmer, A. Krenn and M. H. Gerzabek:

Distribution of roots and microbial biomass in monolithic lysimeters in response to edge effects and surrounding vegetation

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W. W. Saenyi:

Temporal and Spatial Sediment Modelling in Masinga Reservoir, Kenya

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V. Ceyhan, M. Bozoglu and H. A. Cinemre:

Measuring yield and price risks for dairy farms and designing risk management strategies: the case of Tonya, Turkey

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L. Kirner:

International competitiveness of Austrian milk production – results from the IFCN Network

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R. Hermann, S. Anders and J. Harsche:

Competitive Disadvantages of Agriculture in Remote Areas?

Theoretical Concepts and Empirical Measurement

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