Die Bodenkultur - Journal for Land Management, Food and Environment

I. Stefanic, A. J. Murdoch, E. Stefanic and S. Tolic:

Developing Agricultural Education in the Republicof Croatia using U.K. examples


Based on comparisons with the UK and a survey of University level Croatian agricultural students, a model was developed to explore the influence of various factors on successful completion of courses. From a knowledge of significant factors, tutors could predict the probability that new students would be successful and so guide them accordingly. In Croatia, where oral examination methods predominate, many students avoid taking these examinations for several months. It is suggested that three key elements for improving the quality of agricultural studies in Croatia are (i) improving the confidence of the students in conjunction with (ii) a more rigorous, compulsory examination procedure and (iii) a supportive tutorial system. Key words: human resource development; agricultural education; Croatia; educational administration.