Die Bodenkultur - Volume 56 / issue 3

T. Krička, S. Sito, N. Voća, J. Barčić, Ž. Jukić, S. Voća and V. Janušić:

Differences in water release rate of hulled and hull-less pumpkin seed

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P. Sklenicka and M. Salek:

Effects of forest edges on the yield of silage maize^(Zea mays L.)

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I. Turšić, A. Butorac, F. Bašić, M. Čavlek, M. Mesić, Z. Djaković, Kisić, M. Tratnik and B. Svitlica:

Effect of Fifteen Years of Tobacco Production in Monoculture and in Crop Rotation on the Yield and Quality of Flue-Cured Tobacco under Agroecological Conditions of Croatia

15 years of Long Term Investigation

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J. B. Valenciano and B. Reinoso:

Evaluation of different seed treatment for control of bean seed fly (Delia platura [Meigen]) on bean in Spain

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S. Grljusic, S. Bolaric, S. Popovic, T. Cupic, M. Tucak and V. Kozumplik:

Assessment of morphological and RAPD variation among and within red clover cultivars after natural selection

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T. Schäfer and B. Honermeier:

Investigations about the morphology from stems of fibre hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) dependent on sowing date and seed density

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