Die Bodenkultur - Volume 57 / issue 4

K. Pažek, Č. Rozman and R. Haas:

Selection of business alternatives of organic-direct marketing farms

A complex decision process based on simulation scenarios and multi-criteria decision analysis

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G. Breuer and H. Peyerl:

Shareholder Value as a basis for strategic business decision making in family farms

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W. E.H. Blum:

Soil Resources – The Basis of Human Society and the Environment

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H. Haberl:

Interdisciplinary perspectives on soil protection in a sustainability context: Using the material and energy flow (MEFA) approach in studying land use

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B. Herrmann:

Man is made of mud

“Soil”, bio-logical facts and fiction, and environmental history

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V. Winiwarter:

Soils and Society – an environmental history of challenge and response

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