Die Bodenkultur - Volume 61 / issue 1

Land management - agronomy

P. Hlavinka, J. Eitzinger, V. Smutny, S. Thaler, Z. Zhalud, P. Rischbeck und J. Kren:

The performance of CERES-Barley and CERES-Wheat under various soil conditions and tillage practices in Central Europe

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E. Kübler, W. Aufhammer and H.-P. Piepho:

Mixing effects in cereal-grain legume stands on the N-accumulation of the above ground dry matter yield and the grain yield in dependence of the mixing ratio

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land management - economy

E. Quendler, C. Podiwinsky, R. Martetschläger, V. Helfensdörfer, J. Baumgartner, C. Winckler und J. Boxberger:

Cost-benefit analysis of different farrowing systems

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B. Stürmer and M. Eder:

Modeling and optimization of feedstock costs for biogas plants

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F. Weiß:

Determinants for the probability to switch between part- and full-time farming in Austrian farm households

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