Die Bodenkultur - Volume 61 / issue 2

land management – soil

P. Hartmann, H. Fleige and R. Horn:

Proof of fly ash deposition in forest soils and the effects on soil physical properties

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H.-P. Haslmayr and M. H. Gerzabek:

Functions of arable soils – assessment based on available datasets in Austria

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S. Höke, M. Rolf, H. von Dressler, F. Rück and J. Schneider:

Determination of characteristic values for soils mixed with technogenic substrata as plant sites

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V. Prasuhn:

Temporal variability of soil erosion – Analysis of 10 years of soil erosion damage mapping in the Swiss Midlands

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land management – economy

J. Schlederer, W. Schneeberger and S. Vogel:

Return to oestrus rates in pig breeding units of an Austrian producer group

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book review

W. Böhm: Lore Kutschera :

Ein Leben für die Wurzelforschung. (Kaul)

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