Die Bodenkultur - Volume 61 / issue 3

land management – agronomy

M.R. Abdollahi, B. Mershad, A. Mirzaie Asl and A. Sepehri:

Plant-derived Smoke Solution and Potassium Nitrate Affect Seed Germination and Seed Vigour in Four Medicinal Plant Species

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E. Kübler, W. Aufhammer und H.-P. Piepho:

Mixing effects in cereal-grain legume stands on the N-residues in dependence of the mixing ratio

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R. Petzold, B. Schubert und K.-H. Feger:

Biomass accumulation, nutrient allocation and soil ecological effects of a short-rotation poplar plantation in Saxony (Germany)

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land management – economy

S. Vogel, M. Larcher und E. Gotschi:

High school students’ shopping behaviour for organic products in Vienna – a comparison of social and mental factors

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