Die Bodenkultur - Volume 64 / issue 1-2

land management – soil

J.C. Draxler, G. Klammler and J. Fank:

Comparison of simulation models CANDY and STOTRASIM for the unsaturated zone

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G. Klammler, J. Fank and H. Kupfersberger:

Conceptual approach to investigating the impact of climate change scenarios on groundwater recharge, nitrogen leaching and maize yield predictions at Wagna test site, Austria

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R. Nolz, G. Kammerer and P. Cepuder:

Improving interpretation of lysimeter weighing data

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land management – agronomy

M. Ijaz and B. Honermeier:

Effect of different fungicides on seed yield and grain quality of rapeseed (Brassica napus L.) under two levels of nitrogen fertilization

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E. Mratinić, B. Popovski, T. Milošević and M. Popovska:

Chemical and physical properties of early, mid-time and late ripening apricot cultivars

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land management – economy

E. Oxouzi, M. Galea and E. Papanagiotou:

Crop and livestock farm efficiencies in the less favoured areas in Greece and the impact of compensatory allowance

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J. Schlederer, S. Vogel, E. Humer and W. Schneeberger:

Time course and impact of operating factors on return-to-oestrus rates in pig breeding units of an Austrian producer group

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book review

E. Leitgeb, R. Reiter, M. Englisch, P. Lüscher, P. Schad, K.H. Feger (Hg.)

Waldböden – Ein Bildatlas der wichtigsten Bodentypen aus Österreich, Deutschland und der Schweiz (Gerzabek)

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