Die Bodenkultur - Volume 65 / issue 1

Land management - soil

M. Gerzabek:

Global soil use in biomass production: opportunities and challenges of ecological and sustainable intensification in agriculture

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I. Zimmermann, H. Fleige and R. Horn:

Mapping of cemetery soils and evaluation of their decomposition and filtration efficiency

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Land management - grass land

R. Hösl, P. Strauss, E. Murer, A. Eder, T. Bauer and A. Bohner:

Effect of near ground slurry application techniques on phosphorus losses into tile drains

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C. Geitner, A. Mätzler, A. Bou-Vinals, E. Meyer and M. Tusch:

Soil characteristics and colonization by earthworms (Lumbricidae) on pastures and hay meadows in the Brixenbach valley (Kitzbühel Alps, Tyrol)

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B. Stock, J. Rinklebe und A. Skowronek:

Soil protection during civil engineering: current state and need for action

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Book review

H. Jeroch, A. Simon und J. Zentek:

Geflügelernährung (Zollitsch)

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C. Embleton-Hamann, K. von Elverfeldt und M.Keiler:

Geomorphologie in Stichworten I. Theorie – Methoden – Endogene Prozesse und Formen (Fiebig)

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