Die Bodenkultur - Volume 65 / issue 2

Land management – Economy

V. Knoll, O. Meixner:

If customers are switching between brands: An expanded model for the analysis of houshold panel data in the food sector

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Land management – Agronomy

W. Aufhammer, E. Kuebler, H.-P. Piepho:

Grain quality of ancient wheat species

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Land management – Forestry

L. Beger, K.-H. Feger, C. Knust, K. Schua:

Effects of biodegradable mulch mats on soil moisture and plant growth of a young short-rotation poplar plantation in Southern Brandenburg (NE Germany)

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Land management – Forestry

A. Voelkner, R.H. Ellerbrock, D. Holthusen, R. Horn:

Effects of anaerobic digestates on wetting proteries of a sandy Podzol and a loamy Cambisol

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Book review

W.E.H. Blum:

J. Bachmann, R. Horn, S. Peth: Einführung in die Bodenphysik

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