Die Bodenkultur - Journal for Land Management, Food and Environment

J. M. G. P. Isidoro and J. L. M. P. de Lima:

Influence of wind-driven rain on urban runoff:
Laboratory simulations


Runoff is one of the most important components of the hydrological cycle. It is of the highest importance for hydrological studies, namely for urban drainage basins. A deeper knowledge of the rainfall-runoff process is thus essential for better design of e.g. urban drainage systems. In this work several laboratory physical models are briefly reviewed to evaluate, under artificial rainfall, the influence of wind-driven rainfall and storm movement on urban runoff. The rainfall simulator consisted of a movable structure with nozzles which could generate wind fields. Wind-driven rain and storm movement has shown to have an important influence on the rainfall-runoff process, leading to significant changes in the shape of the runoff hydrographs. Key words: Moving storms; Wind-driven rain, Rainfall-runoff process, Urban hydrology, Experimental methods.